Feminine management style and feminine leadership: do they exist?

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Event description
The international women’s community in Kraków is constantly growing. In order to accommodate that and to benefit from the experience of international women living in Kraków, we invite you to a panel discussion which is going to be conducted in English.
We are going to be joined by three professionals whose daily work revolves around project management. We are going to talk about feminine management style and feminine leadership. We are going to try and find the answers to such questions as:
Do feminine management style and feminine leadership even exist? If yes, how do they influence project management?
Why do we distinguish between feminine and masculine leadership styles? What are the characteristics of those styles, what are the main differences between them?
Is masculine style better than feminine? Are men better managers than women?
Is it difficult for women to be managers?
Or maybe the feminine leadership is the key to high efficiency and success in project management? 
This discussion may be about women, but everybody is invited to participate. We want to know how women feel and learn about their experiences, but we also want to know what men think about it. 
Bring your male friends and let’s talk!

Date & Location
2019-03-05 18:00
2019-03-05 21:00

ul. Meiselsa 18 (róg Meiselsa i Bożego Ciała)
31-058 Kraków

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